World Golf Village & St. Augustine Fun News updated – 01-10-2014

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Cnote 1/10/14: 

  • Murray Bros CaddyShack 14th Annual Golf Tournament dates have been announced … March 27-28 2014 … check the Calendar for the link and I’ll include info about Bill Murray’s new movie …
  • Yes Farmers Markets coming to the Walk of Champions here in WGV … see the Calendar – dates are 3/14, 4/11, and 5/9 (3pm-7pm)  … and a Food Truck Rally on 4/5      If the neighbors don’t come out and support our local events … we won’t have any … be sure to mark your calendars!  See you there!

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Cnote 1/5/14:

  • New items in the FOR SALE tab … including racing bike for $25.
  • Pioneer Barn is thinking Valentine’s Day … make your reservations for the “Frank Sinatra” show … see 2/14 on the Calendar

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Cnote 1/1/14:  A Healthy Happy New Year is wished for you!

Cnote: 12/26  Weekly Email blast is out … go to the Calendar.  Fresh Start has a store front on SR13 … go to the special Fresh Start tab for more info and photos.  Happy – Peaceful New Year!  Let’s see what fun events will unveil themselves for us for 2014 and hopefully more growth in the World Golf Village!

Cnote: 12/19  Weekly Email blast is out … go to the Calendar

Cnote:  12/17:  Holiday update news from The Renaissance  and also CaddyShack (New Year’s Eve music!)

Cnote 12/15:  New For Sale Item - large stainless steel gas dryer $300 … see For Sale tab

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Cnote 11/28:  Email blast is out!  (not sure why it didn’t put the right subject in … having some issues with the program ?)  Happy Thanksgiving!

Cnote 11/15:  Check out the details on the FOR SALE page … there will be a MOVING SALE on Crown Drive in the King & Bear.  The sale will be Friday Dec. 6th and Saturday Dec. 7th from 10am until 4pm.   Click on the For Sale tab.

Cnote 11/23:

Cnote 11/22   50 Years — remembering John F. Kennedy – R.I.P.

Cnote 11/21:  

  • Email blast is out!   Festival of Trees – WGV and Nights of Lights – St. Augustine this Saturday!  Check the Calendar and the new Winter Holiday tab that I am starting to populate.  Did you make your reservations for Thanksgiving Dinner yet … Renaissance WGV would like you to join them!
  • Don’t forget about the 20% coupon at Indulge  on CR210 — they gave me a coupon to share with readers … check the tab posted that says “Coupon! Indulge” Hair Salon Shoppe & Spa
  • Got this from Graham Martin’s facebook (photographer for the World Golf Village Community Journal) … We have a new sign at the World Golf Hall of Fame overlooking I-95. There’s also a new contest on the Island Green Challenge Hole … details coming.

Cnote 11/15:  

  • Note correction in email blast — the WGV Holiday Craft Fair at the Amenities Center in the King & Bear is actually Nov 22 not the 20th like I listed in my email!  Click on the WGV Neighborhoods tab for details!  Raffles!
  • For Sale:  If you know someone interested in purchasing a 4-bedroom condo at the Residences, contact me for details and open house this weekend.

Cnote 11/14:  Email Blast is out!

Cnote 11/10:   New on  11/10  Old  City Music Fest (St Augustine Flea Market)  see Calendar for details

Cnote: 11/8 Updated Calendar with Nights of Lights schedule and WGV Festival of Trees – busy day as they both kick off on 11/23 — you can visit afternoon and then early evening to get to both!

Cnote  11/10:   On 11/11  Meet the Dogs in Training To Help Returning
Disabled Vets
— see Calendar tab for details

Cnote: 11-7-13 Email blast is out!  Forward it on to friends … the more we all do things in our community the more our community will thrive!  Think locally!  Think staycation!

Cnote: 11-1-13  Did you hear about the rollout planned for Lays chocolate -covered potato chips?  Click here for more news.  Sounds delish!  Simple joys in life.  :-)

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Cnote: 10/14

  •  … see lost and found … little kitty found … looking for owners or good home
  • … see Calendar for networking event at the World Golf Hall of Fame on 10/17 6-8pm … need to register
  • WGV traveling happy hour will be at Caddyshack this Wed.

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Cnote: 10/5 Garage Sale today at Cascades 7:30-12noon!

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Cnote: 9/27  Charlie Brown show at Nease school … see calendar for this weekend

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Cnote 9/20 Email blast it out!

Cnote 9/12 Email blast is out!!  email me if you’re not on the weekly email blast at   You’re missing all the scoops not always included on the Calendar because it’s info, not necessarily calendar activity.

Cnote 9/11 … We Will Never Forget … each year I post something I wrote on that day … see the tab marked “9/11 In Memory of … “

Cnote 9/7 

  • Battle of the Bands tonight – St Aug H.S.  see Calendar
  • School News … see tab … from Bev Slough
  • Luck Dog Petting Sitting … new listing in the Neighbor to Neighbor tab
  • Professional Clarinetist - lessons … new listing in the Neighbor to Neighbor tab
  • WGV Neighborhoods Annual BBQ announced – Oct 5th on the Calendar

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Cnote 8/28 Email Blast is Out … check out all the new For Sale Items and the updates on Calendar specials under those tabs.  Calendar has been updated!

Cnote 8/28:  Calendar updated … more info to come … other pages also to be updated

Cnote 8/23: NOTICE 8-23-13  The Calendar page will be updated in a day or two … please click on the Calendar Snapshot for the current list of dates … the site could only be restored to a prior date … so I need to go in and make lots of updates to make it current :-(   but will get it done!

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Cnote 8/19:  Tutor available … Grades 2-6 … see Neighbor to Neighbor

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Cnote:  8/7: Email Blast is out … early this week; Wed instead of Thurs!

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Cnote 7/25: 

  • Email Blast is OUT!
  • Lots of new FOR SALE items.  Click on the For Sale tab.
  • Email blast will be out later and Calendar updated.

Cnote 7/18/13 Email blast is out.

Cnote 7/11: Email blast is out!

Cnote 7/9:  More items for sale … washer/dryer and stainless side-by-side refrig.  See For Sale tab!

Cnote: 7/8:  New items in the For Sale tab. 

  • Two antique twin hand carved oak beds. Circa late 18TH century  Photos posted.  And floral arrangements.
  • Car for Sale … 2009 loaded Impala!  Go to the For Sale tab!

Cnote: 7/4 

  • Lost Black Cat near the vet by the old Publix … please see the LOST & FOUND tab for details if you’ve seen him, 4 years old  … heartbroken family.
  • Email Blast is out!  Enjoy the WGV Fireworks on July 5th!
  • Happy 4th of July!  Parade at Glenmoor this morning! Joint the fun!  … and the WGV Fireworks are on July 5th!

Note:  If you do not have a Residents sticker or a proper parking pass to enter the Village once the cash point begins it is $5.00 to get in.  Cafe, picnic baskets are discouraged and will be checked by our local Sheriff Officers for beer and wine.  NO COOLERS with BEER and WINE will be allowed on the WOC or grass area, unless purchased from a concessions spot on the WOC.

Cnote: 7/3 

  • New healthcare items for sale…elec. chair/lift, wheelchair, elec. bed …see For Sale tab
  • See new flyer with times and details Glenmoor parade … set up 9:45 a.m.   See Calendar.

Cnote: 7/2

  • WGV Traveling Happy Hour with DK will be at our neighborhood “Cheers” — Caddyshack! Wednesday, 7/3 5pm
  • WGV Fireworks — did you make your reservations for July 5th fireworks at the Renaissance … eating, entertainment, fireworks!  See the flyer on the Calendar tab

Cnote 6/37: Email blast is out for this week!  See events for July 4th and 5th!  WGV fireworks July 5th

Cnote 6/25:  New Biz Card posted … family, commercial, events, etc. photographers … see biz card, website … Click on the Biz Card tab and scroll down to Standley Photography

Cnote 6/23: 

  • More cool stuff in the For Sale section!
  • New Chip in 4 Vets Charity Golf Tournament tab – details for golf, reception, auction, sponsorships … (reception $25 if you don’t golf, you can still be a part of this event!)

Cnote 6/21:

  • Free filters:  A neighbor recently had our AC unit replaced.  We have 4 New AC filters 18x25x1 to give away to anyone that could use them.  I don’t want to throw them away if someone could use them.  They are really good quality filters.   My number is 904-310-5565
  • 2101 Garage Sale at 2101 Crown … in Waterbury in the King & Bear.  Lots of goodies.  10-2.  Possibly Sunday … check back.

Cnote 6/20 

  • Email blast is out!
  • New:  Email Blast tab … I will also be posting my email blast weekly on the website for quick reference

Cnote 6/19  Renaissance Event tonight!  Live Life to Discover … $20 gets you all this … Wednesday at 6pm  Spanish tapas, entertainment, Sangria, Wines,  Beer & Entertainment!  Click on the Calendar tab and scroll down to 6/19 for details.

Cnote 6/18: Tuesday’s is German night at Benito’s on CR 210  Wiener schnitzel – creamy mushroom sauce, spaetzle, red cabbage & dillled cucumbers 12;  Schweine haxen – braised pork shanks, pan gravy, mashed potato & glazed carrots 12; or Beef stroganoff – tender beef strips in a paprika sour cream sauce over spaetzle 12

Cnote 6/17 …

  • My internet was down for a day but thanks to my “computer guy” I’m up and running again.  If you need help with your computer I’m glad to share his info: Brian F, Computer Consultation 540-8705
  • 2 new For Sale items posted today:  2006 Honda Highlander, like new; and a tv console that will hold a 60″ flat screen (see photos on the For Sale tab!)   Click here and scroll down the page to see photos.

Cnote 6/14:  

  • CaddyShack … someone just emailed to ask if Caddyshack will still be having the music and dancing tonight … yes they will … starts at 7pm until around 10:30pm  — see Calendar for details for today 6/14
  • And the Renaissance continues to have their fun Friday night with Murray Goff on piano … also see details on the Calendar … Sip, Savor, Sing
  • Just heard may be bringing jobs to Jacksonville … not sure when.  Also heard about AT&T bringing jobs to our area in St. Augustine.  If anyone has any details to share, please email me.

Cnote 6/13: 

  • Email blast is out!
  • Check out fun stuff for Dad’s on the Golf tab – Father’s Day specials
  • Cool event next Wed. at the Renaissance … just $20 per person … I’ll be a judge that night so please come out for the fun!
  • Need pressure washing ? … see the Neighbor to Neighbor businesses tab … commercial or residential … call Jon for an estimate

Cnote 6/8 

  • New item for sale … patio or dining room set
  • Bell Person / Renaissance WGV wanted … see details on employment tab
  • Villages Panthers is accepting registration through June 15th for Tackle Football and Cheer leading. Hurry, space is limited and time is running out! Please see for more information.

Cnote 6/6:  Email Blast is out!  (email me if you’d like to be added to the list )

Cnote 6/5: 

  • WGV Social Hour at the King & Bear Amenities Center 5-8
  • WGV Happy Hour at Caddyshack 5ish.

Cnote 5/30:  Email blast is out!

Cnote 5/27:   

  • Happy Memorial Day weekend – enjoy the freedom we have … enjoy the Blue Crab Festival, Concert in the Plaza, Picasso, El Galeon, Ancient City Mosaic, Start Trek at IMAX … and give thanks. God Bless America and to all those who are and have served.
  • If they repeat the PBS Memorial Concert shown last night, watch it if you can, it’s a beautiful and moving tribute to our armed forces
  • A msg shared from Mike McP who coordinates the Golf4Vets event in September:   From a plaque in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland:
“In Memory of Those Who Gave Their Lives in the Burma Campaign 1942-1945
When You Go Home Tell Them of Us and Say For Your Tomorrow We Gave Our Today”I’ve circulated this plaque before but as always, this Memorial Day and every day may God Bless our military, first responders and all others who serve and have served and sacrificed all over the world in defense of freedom.

Cnote 5/26:  Vintage golf clubs just reduced to just $50!  Call Frank.  See the For Sale section.

Cnote 5/24: 

  • See the calendar, Saturday 5/25 … Horesplay for Heroes, DRFarm on Rues Landing needs your help  (Someone at the farm is looking for work, housekeeping – email me if you want to get in touch with them or stop by the farm and ask for Marie)

Cnote 5/23:  Email Blast is out! :-)

Cnote 5/17:  Email blast is out.  Be sure to check back to see updates on the Calendar during the week.

Cnote 5/9:  Email blast is out!  If you are not on my weekly email blast and want to be … email me at    Have a fun Mother’s Day weekend … check out the Calendar tab!

Cnote 5/6: 

  • Tune into the 2013 Induction Ceremony TONIGHT!The World Golf Hall of Fame’s Class of 2013 receives “Golf’s Highest Honor” this evening in St. Augustine, Fla. Fred Couples, Colin Montgomerie, Willie Park, Jr., Ken Schofield and Ken Venturi will be honored in a special Ceremony that will air at 10 p.m. on the Golf Channel.
  • It’s that time of year again!  The 11th annual Music by the Sea Concert Series starts this Wednesday May 8th. Bring your beach chair and your friends!  Dinner will be served starting at 6 pm by the Wildflower Cafe followed by classic rock and a little Motown from the band Outta Sight.

Cnote: 5/5:

  • Link here  to Fresh Start weekly newsletter … 3 types of potatoes in this week’s picks!

Cnote 5/2: Email Blast is out!

Cnote 4/28:  New For Sale item — Refrigerator … see For Sale tab.

Cnote 4/27:  A neighbor sent this … right here in the new Dollar General!  Click here … robbers took the scanner equipment!

Cnote 4/25:  Email blast is out!

Cnote 4/22: 

  • Need a reliable pool cleaning service?  See the Biz Cards tab for a new listing.
  • Saturday’s 4/27 Craft Fair @ K&B - great raffles – entry form just for attending! I just updated the Calendar with items at the craft fair.  Going to be fun!

Cnote: 4/20: 

  • Rain or Shine visit the farm.   The sign says some nursery but luckily the sign said farm tour so I knew I was at the right place for Chip’s Fresh Start hydroponic farm!  He cut me fresh spinach and bib lettuce off the vine!   The link to their website is a link on this site.  Will deliver for a $15 min/order. More news about then at the farmers market Saturdays in my next email blast.
  • Last night was the longest visit I had at CaddyShack — it was the first night of their best of the best karaoke singers plus our favorite Andy Murray! :-)   Every time I said ok I’m going to get going … they would start to sing another song that I just had to listen to … something for everyone … when I left around 10pm they were still going … since 7pm!  This will be a weekly Friday event!

Cnote 4/18:  Email Blast is out!  Check out the new event at Caddyshack this Friday night!  And don’t forget to come out to Fresh Start Saturday morning to tour this amazing hydroponics farm … demos, smoothies, veggies for sale and veggie starter plants!  Sign up for home delivery packages!

Cnote 4/16:  Mother’s Day Brunch menu at the Renaissance Resort WGV is now posted, May 12th! Go to the Calendar for details!

cnote 4/13:  More items posted on the Calendar.

Cnote: 4/11  Email blast is out!

Cnote: 4/10   FARM DAY – Fresh Start Hydroponics Farm – open to all on Saturday 4/20 — Fresh produce, starter veggie plants, demos and a tour … see the Calendar for details! Located on Pacetti Rd. – right in our backyard!

Cnote: 4/9 

  • Desk — see For Sale tab.  $30.
  • Tandem Bike for sale.

Cnote: 4/6 

  • See Neighbor Favorite Finds tab … read about a new French Bakery/Café in St. Augustine…sounds wonderful.
  • WGV Garage Sale is on!
  • New Sound System listed in the For Sale section!

Cnote 4/4:   Email blast is out!  Not on the email blast list … email me,    Pass it on to friends!

Cnote 4/2:   4/2 & 3 500th Anniversary of Ponce Leon’s
arrival to La Florida — see special tab for details on today and tomorrow’s events.  Canon firing.  Special new postage stamp – Florida.  more …

Cnote 3/31:  

  • Happy Eaater!
  • Weber Grill for sale!  Just $100 see For Sale page!
  • In addition to the WGV garage sale 4/6, Cascades will hold one on 4/27.

Cnote 3/29  Email blast is out!

Cnote 3/2: Lost dog …  FOUND!  :-)

A little poodle mix ran away from Glenmoor on Wednesday.  He’s frightened and the Harts had just adopted him on Sunday.  I know he’s scared and hiding.  I am trying every way to contact people there to help keep and eye out for him.  He’s only about 8 lbs and dark brown.  I’m not even sure he knows his name.  He was a S.A.F.E. dog from St.   Augustine — please email me if you have seen him … if you find him please bring him over to the Glenmoor.





Cnote 3/22: 

  • Pretty cool … look in today’s St Augustine Record Real Estate section … emy press release is in there!  :-) – don’t like my photo though :-(
  • New Neighbor to Neighbor business posted in the N2N tab section … need a Home Inspection?  or want to have an Energy Audit to save money in your home?

Cnote 3/21:  Email blast is out! 

Cnote 3/18:  Neighbor looking for a bike for visiting
grandson to see when visiting … if anyone is looking to sell one please let me
know.  They are in need of a boys bike say  20″ or 24″.  Email me if you
want to be in touch.    

Cnote 3/17:

  • Thanks to all who turned out for the Run For Tracy FUNdraiser in Murabella!
  • I’ll be at the new Coldwell Banker office in WGV today — stop in to see the new office and say hi 11am-4!  Just north of I95 on Intl Golf Pkwy near the gas stations.
  • Saw the new OZ movie at IMAX — they had a great turnout yesterday — shout out to one of the attendees who insisted on giving up his seat near the aisle for my husband (he’s had some health issues of late) who had his oxygen on.  So nice!
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! 

Cnote 3/14:  Email blast is out!  (see you Sat. at the Run for Tracy!)

Cnote 3/13:  Demo days coming to PGA TOUR Academy WGV this month. See Calendar for more details!

Cnote 3/12: Party tickets for the Murray Bros Charity Golf Tournament will go on sale the week of March 25 for $150 per ticket… There is a limited number of tickets available. Purchase tickets at the Caddyshack!  Great cause! Great fun! Two nights of fun, auctions, music, food and beverages … yes, Bill Murray will be there!  Golf is sold out!!

Cnote 3/11:  Concerts by the Sea begin May 8th … May concerts posted on the Calendar, all concerts posted on the Snapshot Calendar.

Cnote 3/10: 

  • Tropical Smoothie is opening up next to the AT&T phone store by the Publix/Murabella shoppping center in wGV.  I dont’ think I’ve ever been to one before … could go for a smoothie right now!  What about you?
  • Did you remember to move your clocks ahead?
  • Friends from NY got out of “Dodge” and the snow and headed south, stopped in for a visit … we just had lunch at the Serenata Beach Club … aaahhhh delightful!

Cnote 3/7: 

  • Email blast is out … click on Calendar for all the fun events!  Email me if you want to be added to the weekly email blast list:
  • It’s Bike Week … look twice … please watch out for our visiting bikers … more on the road than usual this week.  Be safe.

Cnote 3/1: 

  • Walk/run group cxcld for tomorrow … see note on Calendar for 3/2
  • See Golf Specials tab … Tuesday only … Neighborhood Appreciation Day specials.

Cnote 2/28

  • Email blast is out! :-)
  • Carol announces her affiliation with the new Coldwell Banker Premier Properties office here in WGV
  •  Didn’t get the email blast?  Get on the list … email me at!
  • JAX Airport – WGV Kiosk!

Cnote 2/22:  Run For Tracy … one of our own … see Calendar for 3/16 … hope you can help.

Cnote 2/21  Email blast is out for this week!  Email me if you are not on my email list!

Cnote 2/19:  See 3/22 on the Calendar – Palencia Spring Break … Family Fun For All. (Vendors email me, I have reg form)

Cnote: 2/18  Entertainment Center reduced to $300 or best offer! See For Sale tab.

Cnote 2/15:

  • Chili Cook Off for WGV residents today – see Neighborhood in a Neighborhood tab drop down box to WGV
  • 2/26 Moving Sale 1 day only 4429 N. ALATAMAHA ST. IN WILDWOOD DEVELOPMENT OFF Oakgrove three miles from the gate  …  Call Pam Mullarkey 904-537-4053     See For Sale or Moving Day tab for details!

Cnote: 12/14 Email Blast is out … email me if you’re reading this and are not on the weekly email blast list!    Almost the weekend! Enjoy it!  Welcome new Biz Card sponsor – Tom Bartimus — if you like to cruise, like the best, and the best price … contact Tom.  See info on Biz Cards tab.  Have you brought in your Burrito Bucks to CO Burrito yet?  Also in the Biz Cards page!

Cnote:  2/14 Happy Valentine’s Day!  Be sure to check all the fun for Valentine’s Day on the Calendar!  Renaissance WGV is one of the special choices!

Cnote 2/13: Lots of updates have been made to the Calendar.  Biz Mixer tomorrow … email me … still time to email me for the details.  Emal blast will be sent out tomorrow night.

Cnote 2/9: 

  • Have you made your Valentine’s Day plans yet?  Check it out on the Calendar.  Dinner? Chocolate? Spa? … and maybe a special “Mom’s Morning Out” or family or couples riding package at the Hastings Equestrian … see 2/14 on the Calendar
  • Business Mixer … stop in … for 10 min to two hrs … time goes quickly when you talk about your passion and hear about others … it’s this week … email me at to hear more about this month’s biz-mix!

Cnote 2/8:

  • Moving Sale update … folks buying her home bought most of the furniture but there are still plenty of items to check out … listed on the For Sale and special Moving sale pages.  A few photos have been posted — wish I had the room for these beautiful pieces!
  • New Biz Card … Cruise Specialist and neighbor … see biz card page
  • Check the FREE STUFF page to find out how to get those FREE canna bulbs from a neighbor — her plants have multiplied … see the photos how beautiful they are!

Cnote 2/7:  The weekly email blast is out!  Stop back for late breaking news throughout the week!

Cnote 2/6:  Free Canna bulbs!   While they last!  See For Sale page.

Cnote 2/2: 

  • Groundhog Phil did NOT see his shadow … hurrah … expect an early Spring!  (NOT six more weeks of Winter!) :-)
  • Moving Sale – everything must go in ONE DAY!! I will have more news about this later today!  Stay tuned!  Items from a 3,000 sqft home in K&B!  And photos!  POSTED list of items … waiting for photos!  See special tab and For Sale tab.

Cnote 2/1:  2/1  WEAR RED DAY - American Heart Association

Cnote 1/31: 

  • Email blast for this week is out! :-)
  • Just in … table and chairs for sale … see For Sale tab

Cnote 1/29:

  • Colorado Burrito Bucks!  Check out the Biz Card tab … get a $1 coupon from CO Burrito  on your next meal and see other specials just posted (including 1 kids meal per child per adult entree ordered on Fri, Sat, and/or Sun!) What a community team player!
  • Looking  for WGV artisans for the 1st ever Craft Show at the King & Bear Amenity Center … see details on the Calendar at 4/27
  • Good Samaritan Dinner at the Casa Monica on 2/16 see details on Calendar

Cnote 1/28:

  • For Sale item just posted – Oak Hutch … click on the For Sale tab to see photo.

Cnote 1/26: 

  • New Restaurant – Catch 27  (“fresh” “catch” seafood daily and “27″ for Florida the 27th state – vey cool) It is located at 17 Hypolita Street. They are in “soft opening” stage right now and will be holding their grand opening the begining of February You can email to make a reservation at  or message them through Facebook – search
    for Fresh Catch.  Only open for dinner at this time and closed  Sun. and Mon. as
    they get ready for the Grand Opening! Stay tuned!  Currently have espresso
    rubbed short ribs, blackened trigger fish, lemon chicken, mushroom risotto, salads and appetizers of shrimp w/grits and hummus.
  • AARP Safe Driver Classs … see 4/6 on Calendar for details

Cnote 1/25:  

  • Boat Show at Prime Osborn this weekend … you can Google for info
  • King & Bear Dinner Nights have changed:
    (No longer on Thursday nights)
    Friday Nights – 5:00 to 8:00 pm
    Sunday Nights – 5:00 to 8:00 pm
    We will alternate Sundays for Trivia beginning on February
    10th.  Open to the public — all are welcome!
    Kirsten Lightfoot for reservations. (904) 940-6261

Cnote: 1/24  Email blast is out!  Lots of fun things to do!  Click on the Calendar!

Cnote:  1/23

  • Looking for Chairperson for American Cancer Society – Relay for Life at Mill Creek.  Click on the Groups/Clubs for details.
  • Gently used golf balls for sale … click on the For Sale tab

Cnote: 1/17 Email blast is out (not on the list? email me at

Cnote: 1/15 

  • Baby Grand … beautiful … details in the For Sale tab
  • Spring Garage Sale announced — 4/6/13 see Calendar
  • Get ready for PAW-DIGRAS – fun for the whole family — bring your pets!  See 2/9 on the Calendar!
  • Donna Deegan To Speak At Newcomers Meeting — see Calendar tab for details 3/18

Cnote: 1/14  

  • New post in For Sale – children’s clothes 5-6x girls (1/15 I was able to post a few photos)
  • Check the Golf tab for lesson deals from Chris Holden of the PGA Tour Academy WGV

Cnote: 1/11 — Presentation on Jacksonville at the Glenmoor Resort Retirement Community at 1:30pm — all are invited!

Cnote: 1/10  Email blast for this week is out!

Cnote: 1/9  The Butterflies are coming!  See events on the Calendar at IMAX for the whole family 1/18 & 1/19!

Cnote: 1/8 See Clubs/Groups tab for WGV residents womens tennis and womens tennis clinics – dates, times …

Cnote 1/4:

  • Email blast was sent out.
  • Resurfacing SR16 west of I-95 starting Jan. 7 (through Fall 2013)

Cnote 1/2:

  • Date corrected – “Frank Sinatra” show at the Pioneer Barn is 2/23
  • Women’s Wellness night at K&B is being rescheduled – TBD
  • Mellow Mushroom restaurant planned to be on Anastasia Island where Alexander’s Ranch House restaurant was
  • New For Sale items: laptop, queen bed (with boxspring & mattress), and entertainment center  –  have college kids heading to the dorms, new place ?

Cnote 1/1/13:

  • Happy New Year!
  • Great event at the Renaissance Resort WGV!  What a class act!
  • What a great fun place to be in the WGV this New Year!  Renaissance Resort, our fun favorite – Caddyshack, the IMAX (Hobbit playing), the World Golf Hall of Fame and thanks to all our retail stores and services here in WGV!  Keep our community thriving … buy local.
  • Start fresh this year with farm fresh deliveries from Fresh Start Farms right here in our backyard … click on their link here for more info!

Cnote 12/28:

  • Happy (almost) New Year!  Check out the Calendar for info on New Year’s Eve at the Renaissance Resort WGV and other fun events!
  • Email blast is out!  Happy New Year!! :-)
  • Just added Women’s Wellness Mixer K&B 1/24 – see Calendar (I’m planning on being there – meet you there?)
  • Just posted in the For Sale tab: 1950 vintage golf clubs for sale!

Cnote 12/25: 

  • See special tab – what’s open / not open Christmas Eve/Day and St JohnsCounty offices will be closed Christmas Day … Garbage collections (garbage, recycling, yard debris) for all will be off one day and completed by Saturday,12/29.
  • Merry Christmas to all!
  • Babysitter available, see Neighbor to Neighbor tab

Cnote 12/20:  Email blast is out … check the Calendar tab (be sure to scroll down when clicking other tabs)

Cnote 12-19 WGV Community Book Club 2013 books now announced – see Local Clubs tab.

Cnote 12-13

  • Weekly email blast is out! 
  • The Nutcracker this weekend … thanks to those who said they would come out and support the performing arts … tickets still available.   I’ll be in the pretty emerald green dress!  I can’t wait to see all the real dancers in their costumes!!  They are all so precious  :-)

Cnote 12-12:  See employment or biz cards tab to ready about a part time position for Rainbow, family owned, disaster restoration company.

Cnote 12-6: Weekly email blast is out!  Lots of fun events!  Enjoy your weekend!

Cnote 11/29: 

  • Weekly email blast is out!
  • Festival of Trees Friday night — I’ll look for you there!

Cnote 11/28:  See a new write up for a restaurant by a neighobr for King’s Bistro – click on Restaurant Spotlight tab.

Cnote 11/26:  Florida will be changing their license plates … go here to vote:  They all look rather sterile … no personality — they’re doing it because their cameras cannot read the plates when cars blow through the toolbooths without paying therefore losing lots of revenue.

Cnote 11/22:  Email Blast is out!

Cnote 11/21:

  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • I have a pdf of a list someone put together for restaurants in the area open today.  Email me if you need it – it’s a pdf  format so I can’t post it.

Cnote 11/19:

  • Tuesday last day to order Thanksgiving Dinner for pickup from the Renaissance WGV – see Calendar tab for details. 

Cnote 11/15:  Email blast is out …

Cnote 11/10:  James Bond Skyfall is now open!  Click here to go to the movie times page!

Cnote 11/13:  PGA Tour Stop in World Golf Village – Fall Tent Sale 11/15-18 see Calendar – and free car wash Sat. by Nease HS girls golf team

Cnote 11/9: 

  • First Coast Opera performance 11/18 just posted on Calendar
  • For Sale items just posted today, click on the For Sale tab (Cots, Water Distiller, Water Dispenser with Sunflowers on the front.
  • Old Ihop on US1 is called Jay Bird … lunch, dinner and I hear an Italian deli … just south of SR 16

Cnote 11/8:  Weekly email blast is out … have a good week. Lots of fun stuff … click on the Calendar and scroll down the page for lots of fun events!

Cnote 11/4: 

  • Did you turn your clock back?
  • New Events posted on the Calendar — Pirate Gathering, free Polar Express Showing
  • WGV Colorado Burrito has announced some specials for lunch and dinner … click on Biz Cards for more details.

Cnote 11/2: 

  • Cat has been found!   Missing Cat … see Lost and Found tab if you’ve seen a black & white, see photo
  • Murray Bros Caddyshack’s amazing Minorcan chowder will be a part of the Conch house great chowder debate this Sunday … see Calendar for details
  • For info on Pet Amnesty day this weekend or a link to the Jacksonville Zoo, go to the Calendar — see 11/3

Cnote 11/1:

  • This week’s Email Blast is OUT! 
  • World Golf Hall of Fame Induction tickets and events now on sale — see May 5-6 on the Calendar.

Cnote 10/30:  Zaxby’s in St Aug donating % to St Aug Ballet tonight if … you bring the flyer there tonight between 5-8pm — see Calendar tab for flyer … thanks!

Cnote 10/29:  Daylight Saving time ends on Sunday, November 4 at 2 am.  Don’t forget to set your clocks back on Saturday night.

Cnote 10/26:

  • Click on the “Neighbors Finds” tab … there’s new restaurant called “GAS Station” … see comments, sounds good
  • Old IHOP on 1 near SR16 – I heard there’s a good place there now for breakfast and lunch.  I forget the name, email me if you know.

Cnote 10/25:

  • Email blast is out!  Have a fun weekend!
  • Georgia/Florida game this weekend!

Cnote 10/24:

  • McDonald’s is celebrating their 1-Year Anniv. at Murabella in WGV - check the calendar for family fun day info
  • No Home Depot coming to WGV, yes General Dollar is.  I heard a Lowe’s down near 312 in St Augustine.
  • St Augustine Ballet – The Nutcracker – at Flagler auditorium are now on sale! See the Dec. calendar for a link.

Cnote 10/21:  Neighbors reporting on the construction across from McDonalds at Murabella … a Dollar General has been confirmed and also hearing about a Home Depot!  A neighbor checking into the Home Depot news on Monday. [No Home Depot planned] Send your neighborhood scoops to me to share!

Cnote 10/18:  Email blast is out!  Not on my email blast list? … email me at

Cnote 10/14:

  • Garage items pick tab … updated to add a few charities you can call for PICK UP or drop off of your garage sale items that you want to donate.  Most give a tax receipt.
  • Congrats to the Renaissance … at the Cook-off Friday night (wow I heard there were somewhere from 300-600 of us attendees!) the Villagio won not only the Judges first place award but the People’s choice award!  Lots of heavy competition … Tasting Room, Rhett’s, 95 Cordova, Raintree and more!
  • Nice festival at Palencia … after the WGV garage sale Saturday.
  • So many events this weekend … still more to do … Greek Festival and Aviles St. festival … check the Calendar tab!

Cnote 10/12:

  • Garage sale Saturday! Get going early!
  • For the Homefront – Military / Neighborhood festival starts after the garage sale! See Calendar for details
  • Thanksgiving Brunch at the Renaissance is now posted!

Cnote 10/11:

  • Email blast for this week is out!
  • Garage Sale this Saturday … go to the Garage Sale tab to get a copy of two maps of the area – these are not being provided – print them out from this website if you need one.  Cascades security guard will provide a map when you visit the Cascades garage sale.

Cnote 10/10: FOR SALE: USED MENS TAYLORMADE R11 DRIVE … check out the For Sale tab for this deal!

Cnote 10/9:

  • Are you going to the event at the Renaissance Friday night?  The great cook-off.  Just $20 online or $25 at the door.  See Calendar for details and who the celebrity judges are!
  • Are you Ready for the Garage Sale 10/13? Neighborhood maps have been added to the special Garage Sale tab!

Cnote 10/5:

  • In need of a Victorian era dress … can anyone help; need to borrow. Email me:
  • Neighbor looking for help with house cleaning … email me a reference for someone they can contact and I’ll forward it on

Cnote 10/4: Email blast is out … enjoy this weekend … try to get out to a couple of these fun events!  Click on the Calendar tab.

Cnote 10/3: 

  • New temporary tab posted – HALLOWEEN FUN IN ST AUG.
  • Looking for Owners of Small Black Cat – Turnberry area … for details please see the Lost & Found tab

Cnote 10/2: Lost Sunglasses … a neighbor lost their sunglasses while riding through the neighborhoods near the Residences and St Andrews Place … see Lost Items tab if you found them and would like to also find the owner :-)

Cnote 10/1: Happy October!  Lots of events have been added to the Calendar.  October is a fun-filled busy month.  How many events will you be able to make?

Cnote 9/30:

  • After the 10/13
    WGV Garage Sale … Unsold Items…Charity Pick ups …
    I’ve listed two you can call or call your favorite charity! Don’t let them go back in the garage … your items will have a new life for someone! :-)   Click on the Garage Sale tab and scroll to the bottom.

Cnote 9/27:

  • Email blast is out … if you’re not on my weekly email blast, email me at  Don’t miss out on scoops!
  • New items for the Garage Sale have been posted on the Garage Sale tab … cool stuff.

Cnote 9/25: 

  • NEW! Daily Happy Hour! 4-7pm — 1/2 price drinks and wings just .50 each!  $2 imports and $1 – 1.50 for domestic beers. $2.50 for their specialty wine margarita. (Daily specials — like kids eat free with adult entree on Wednesdays!) 

Cnote 9/22:

  • Welcome new sponsor: Murabella Animal Hospital (see details on Biz Card or Sponsor/Logo tabs.
  • Just heard the 1st Annual “MASH” golf tournament is cancelled :-(

Cnote 9/20: 

  • Email blast is out!  me too … zzzzzzz
  • Meant to link the sponsor logos to the new description page … click here for the sidebar logo links for more info.

Cnote: 9/17   Fairways Cafe is having a Pirate at their Happy Hour this week.  1st & 3rd Friday’s they will have HH.  See calendar.

Cnote: 9/15  

  • Please make a note … the Chip In 4 Vets buffet is not a free event but $25 — this is still a great deal with the spread the S&S puts out and also for a great cause – see Calendar for details
  • More neighbors posting more items for the garage sale, click on Garage Sale tab

Cnote 9/13: Weekly email blast is out.  Not on the list? email:

Cnote 9/12:

  • Welcome our new sponsor – Rainbow Intl of NE FL … damage and restoration … please see Biz Cards tab for details
  • Reminder — WGV community-wide garage sale – Oct. 13th – folks are saying they haven’t heard about it ! please let me know and refer them to my website for garage sale news and all the WGV news.  Thanks! :-)    It should be a good one!  Lots more items posted – email me with your items!
  • New Neighbor to Neighbor service – click on the N2N tab.  Ebay trader will sell your treasures for you!

Cnote 9/11:

  • A neighbor is seeking a position as a Bookkeeper – pls go to the Employement tab if you know of an opening.
  • Renaissance Friday Sip / Savor / Sing — this Friday Grey Goose samplings of signature drinks, golf promo item giveaways
  • 9/11 We will never forget …

Cnote 9/10: 

  • A neighbor has an opening for a sales & mktg positon; I have started a new tab called Employment Opp (pls send any openings you may have at your co and I’ll be glad to include it)

Cnote: 9/9

  • WGV Community Annual BBQ – just $10! kids $6.  See 10/23 date on the Calendar for details … Sonny’s BBQ.
  • Special tab – 9/11 In Memory of …

Cnote: 9/7

  • New For Sale Item – Tempurpedic mattress-King
  • New items listed in the Garage Sale tab (10/13)
  • Neighbor looking for good working vacuum for college student – see Looking to Buy tab

Cnote: 9/6

  • Email blast is out! New Format!
  • New: K&B now open for dinner on Wed. (so now open Wed, Sat, & Sun!)
  • Bead Show – Elks Lodge – see Calendar tab
  • Huck Finn – Limelight – this Fri. show only special party … see Calendar tab
  • Menendez Founder’s Day events – see Calendar … this weekend

Cnote: 9/4  

  • Garage Sale – List of Items … I’ve opened a new tab to help you sell your FALL garage (Oct 13th) sale items!  Email me your neighborhood name, your address, and what items you’ll have out for your garage sale and I’ll list them here for you.

Cnote: 9/3

  • Happy Labor Day!
  • Furniture photo for sale item updated
  • Concert in the Plaza today – St Augustine
  • Compass has EMMA Concerts schedule – 34th season … I’ll be posting dates and link

Cnote 9/1:  

  • I posted a few new recommendations – see Local Links/#s etc tab … for Computer Help, Air-Conditioning/HVAC help
  • I forgot to put the CO Burrito menu in with my email blast as I had mentioned … so click below to see their mentu – at the old Publix shopping center (next to King Wok)

Cnote 8/31: 

  • Email blast is out!
  • Blue Moon at 9:58 am
  • Happy Labor Day … remember those who worked so hard and brought this day to us and that we should continue the tradition

Cnote 8/26:

  • Colorado Burrito – a Tex-Mex Grille is now open in WGV with daily specials (kids eat free with adult entree on Wednesday’s), wine & beer available and a wine margarita! Address and phone number available on Biz Cards tab – Jim is also a new sponsor of this website.  Located in the “old” Publix shopping center, next to King Wok.

Cnote 8/25:

  • St Johns River Farmers Market today … see Calendar tab
  • Art’s Nursery is have a Gourd & Garden Show 8/26 – see Calendar tab for more info
  • Washer/Dryer reduced to $850 for both now … see For Sale tab

Cnote 8/23:  Email blast is out … email me to be added or if you did not receive your email: Be sure you add me to your contacts so my emails don’t go into spam.

Cnote 8/22: Sneak Preview Fall / Winter WGV … our friends at the WGHOF sent me an update on WGV events — until I have time to post all this great info in the main calendar and the snapshot calendar click on the “sneak preview” tab!

Cnote 8/20:

  • oops had wrong date for Speed Dating … see Calendar for details
  • September 13th for ages 34 to 52 and then there is one on September 27th for ages 48 to 65

CNOTE: 8/19:

  • Speed Dating  … see Single Scene & Personals tab for details
  • Neighbor looking to share a ride to Disney regularly; also going on a cruise – can share a ride to the Carnicel Cruise line … see Personals tab
  • WGV GARAGE SALE … The WGV Social Committee has announced their garage sale … it will be on October 13th -see Calendar.

Cnote 8/16: 

  • Email blast is out — early today!
  • New For Sale item … Telemergency 700 Life Alert System … see For Sale tab

Cnote: 8/15

  • Hand made jewelry … please visit the N2N – Neighbor to Neighbor tab to see a new listing – hand made jewelry for sale.
  • New Show update at Pioneer Bar . (I saw this – can’t beat the entertainment here — and for just $12! Great night out!) See Calendar for more info on this Friday’s show and upcoming shows!
  • The part time position at Colorado Burrito is filled thanks.
  • WGV traveling happy hour will be at Benito’s on CR210 tonight!

Cnote: 8/12

  • Internet still out! Using neighbor’s internet.  A few of us are out due to lightning hitting too close! Come on AT&T let’s get this updated!
  • Burrito’s coming to 425 West Town Place!  Owner Jim Pierson is moving the Colorado Burrito Company that was at the BP gas station to our WGV location.  And he’ll have beer & wine available on his expanded Tex-Mex menu.  He’s looking for someone to work part time Saturday and Sunday.   Position has been filled thanks!
  • Serenata Beach Club Golf Outing at King & Bear – see Calendar / 8/22 you don’t have to be a member to play - goo9d deal (also read about count down to membership deals)
  • Carie is back … WoW! Hair Salon … folks have been asking about Carie since her shop in Palencia caught fire.  She and her staff, including one of the favorite stylists, Amy, may be reached at 824-6715
  • All the moving boxes are gone – thanks to our new neighbor for offering those for free

Cnote 8/5:  Serenata Beach Entertainment schedule posted on teh Calendar tab .. not a member yet? …

Cnote 8/3:  Tax Free weekend … see Calendar for details

Cnote: 8/2 

  • Email blast is out!
  • New For Sale item – Grill (see For Sale tab)
  • Gymnastics for kids in WGV:
  • Help the Kids – back to school bins WGHOF (see calendar tab)

Cnote: 7/30  New For Sale item … 8′ work bench w/cabinets – click on the For Sale tab for details

Cnote: 7/29 Home Made Cupcakes & Cakes … don’t have time to make that birthday cake or for those cupcakes for your kid’s class? Contact Missy … see contact info under the N2N tab!

Cnote: 7/27 Moving Cartons – free …

Moving cartons available from a new Cascades resident. Wardrobes, dishpacks, as well as large, medium and small cartons. Clean used newsprint also.  Contact Rick at 687-3202 to pick them up.

Cnote: 7/26

  • Email blast is out
  • For Sale tab: new – Bakers Rack

Cnote: 7/24  Tuesday is German night at Benito’s on CR210 …

  • Wiener schnitzel, creamy mushroom sauce, spaetzle, dilled cucumbers & red cabbage 12
  • Dark beer braised beef short ribs over spaetzle and roasted root vegetable 12
  • Slow cooked schweine haxen (pork shank) over mashed potatoes & sauerkraut 12

Cnote: 7/23

  • IMAX coming soon … Skyfall 007 James Bond movie – 11/9 and The Hobbit: An unexpected journey 12/14
  • Putting Gree WGV just $5 …another Neighbor Favorite Find (click on tab for details and all finds)

Cnote: 7/22 LifeVantage distributor … reduce cell aging … see N2N Neighbor to Neighbor tab.

Cnote: 7/21 A new favorite find posted … click on the Neighborhod Favorite Finds tab … Sunset Moonrise

Cnote:  7/20 

  • Family Golf Outing this Saturday … go to the Calendar tab for details … great day for the kids and great $$$$$$
  • Click on the Golf Locations & Specials tab — hot steaming golf deals
  • Buzz about Outback Crab Shack … lunch special and now a full bar … more news coming
  • Check the Neighbor’s Favorite Finds tab … did you know that Zhanra’s was taken over by Collage owners … don’t worry, prices are not as high … see the buzz about this and a great find at a place to taste Olive oils and vinegars in St. Augustine
  • Singers? First Coast Opera Audtions tomorrow … see Calendar …

Cnote:  7/19:

  •  Email blast is out!  … and to all a good night!
  • Friday Night Flick Night … At the Renaissance WGV … see the Calendar for details … The Princess Bride. Bring the family …
  • Welcome: Palencia Fine Arts Academy … see special Intro tab for more info on the academy, Fall classes - sign up on 8/25 … other classes available … all levels, all ages 
  • Car $ reduced … the Mercury Sable in the FOR SALE section has been reduced in price to just $5,995 (sadly a family member can no longer use it; original owner, contact the family …
  • Marcy gym reduced to just $40!


Cnote 7/14:

  • Did you know … if you buy something at Publix and it rings up the wrong price … you get that item for free!  I bought these Stella Doro cookies and it was a .70 difference so I asked and tadaa I got the full price back. 

Cnote 7/12: 

  • Email blast is out … fun events, for sale items … and see the Runner location update on 7/14 calendar … Panther & Cub alert in Palencia!
  • See the flyer on Murray Goff (piano man!) and tastes and sips at the Renaissance Friday nights (last Friday sing along was a blast … saw lots of neighbors there!)

Cnote 7/8  Nordic Track for sale … info on For Sale tab

Cnote 7/6

  • Just reduced $$ … the price on the Mercury Sable LS/P station wagon was just reduced to $6,499.  Go to the FOR SALE tab if interested. 
  • Email blast is out … check out all the events and the For Sale tab! July is Family Golf Month – specials on the golf tab!

Cnote 7/5

  • Fireworks Photos-WGV 2012 … see Fireworkds Photos special tab for links to photos for WGV Fireworks, the Glenmoor Parade, and Heritage Landing photos!
  • Have not had access to my email for a few days … will return email inquiries and get calendar updated Thursday!
  • U-Haul boxes … are now gone – thank you for responding.

Cnote 6/30

  • New FOR SALE items … including a great deal on a treadmill; some misc. items … wicker coffee table, bedding …
  • Bocce Ball or Corn Hole open-play … at the Renaissance WGV for a fun Saturday!  And more fireworks info from Comfort Suites … see Calendar for all the updates!

Cnote 6/29 – Email blast is out … woohoo lots of fireworks events on the calendar; new team member – sponsor International Golf Realty, see Biz Cards …

Cnote 6/26: Golf Specials updates … check out the Golf tab to see a special invitation from St Johns Golf Club and a ladies golf/wine event – sign up by 6/29

Cnote 6/23:  free U-Haul boxes 30 plus … click on the FREE STUFF tab for contact info if you need boxes for moving … l

Cnote 6/21:  Email blast is out … July 3rd fireworks fun is all posted … lots of specials.

Cnote 6/16:  Cadillacs at WGV … in addition to the Vettes in the circle at WGV we have the Cadillacs in the parking lot across the parking lot by the convention center … hearing rave reviews of these beautiful cadillacs … be sure to stop in for “Margaritaville” at the Renaissance from 1-4 or visit the Caddyshack to extend the fun!

Cnote 6/14:  Email blast out … email me to receive the weekly email blast … to much to put in blog

Cnote 6/13:

  • More For Sale items ... tires (set 4 $300), bar stools, blue Samsung Washer/Dryer set … moving sale!
  • New tab … Neighbors Favorite Finds … send in yours!

Cnote 6/12:

  • See Father’s Day … buffet menu posted in the calendar for 6/17 … after that be sure to visit the Free Day at World Golf Hall of Fame
  • Ladies … check out the Golf Specials tab … see what the WGV is offering this month’s Ladies in Golf … specials at the WGV golf courses.  And summer specials for all.  Check it out!

Cnote 6/11:

  • NEW! ONENIGHT ONLY … Friday, June 15-28th – “Rock of Ages: The IMAXExperience” see Calendar tab for more details
  • WGV Neighborhood Happy Hour are meeting at Caddyshack5ishthis Wednesday 6/13
  • Golf Specials … check the Golf tab for more specials
  • Tuesday is German night at Benito’s CR210 – Sauerbraten $12 this week!! See Calendar tab for deteails
  • Items from Tiger Woods’ historic Memorial Tournament win featured at World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum … see Golf Specials tab

Cnote 6/8:  Renaissance event was a success … they appreciate the neighbors coming out … we appreciate their event … see a few photos of “Le Club” Villagio under the Renaissance Event 6/7 tab … that’s what it seemed like … very nice!

Cnote 6/7:

  • Email blast is out!
  • Two new sponsors … see Biz Cards tab - Allure Hair Salon at CR210 (details in email blast) and Interiors by Tenley-see biz card for details

Cnote 6/3:  Wow … the big event at the Renaissance on 6/7, due to their last events like this proving it worthy!! … they have 130 reservations already.  Be sure to call for your reservation … see the Calendar tab for details and the phone #!! 

Cnote 6/1:

  • Renaissance June 7th event flyer posted … see all about it in the Calendar tab
  • New For Sale items … office equipment … chair, 4-drawer file cabine

Cnote 5/31:  Email blast out! 

Cnote 5/28: 

  • Pilates machine … see the For Sale tab for info.
  • Garbage pickup … YES, they are picking up in our area … put your trash cans out!  (See my links page for website for what they will / will not pick up — recycle info here also)

WGV area … Seaboard Waste Systems services residents in the northern half of St. JohnsCounty (north of theSt. Johns River following CR 208 and north of SR 16 to the ocean). 445A International Golf Pkwy, St. Augustine,FL32095. (904) 825-0991.

Advanced Disposal services residents in the southern half ofSt. JohnsCounty(south of theSt. Johns Riverfollowing CR 208 and south of SR 16 to the ocean). 3530 Agricultural Center Drive,St. Augustine, FL 32092. (904) 827-1005.

Cnote 5/27:

  • On 5/28 due to the Beryl tropical storm, it was noted on the t.v. alert that the WGHOF & IMAX will be closed on Monday 5/28
  • OLGC Golf Tournament … see Calendar on 9/8 for details

Cnote 5/26:

  • 2003 Mercury Sable station wagon … beautiful … see a photo on the FOR SALE tab … a great deal …
  • September – Chip in 4 Vets Charity Golf Tourn. & Reception — sign up for either or both (they throw a great event and a great cause!) See Calendar tab for details.
  • Dining Room Set …just posted, see FOR SALE tab

Cnote 5/24:

  • Weekly email blast is out! Be sure to see Calendar for all the updates and the For Sale (GE Washer/Dryer) SOLD!; Golf summer deals at WGV, etc.  Ballon Ride in WGV area contact info in my email this week!
  • Fun Night Team Teal at WGV! Photos posted – click on new Team Teal tab
  • Family-Friendly Free Pep Rally to Revive the Pride       Thursday, May 24th 6-8pm   Location:  outside the World Golf Hall of Fame on the Walk of Champions –

Cnote 5/17:  Email blasted! :-)

Cnote 5/16: 

  • Woohoo … Team Teal family pep rally … Team Teal family pep rally here in World Golf Village on Thursday 5/24 — see Calendar tab for details!  It will be a fun night to bring the kids up to WGV! 
  • Feel The Wheels … come out and support the future Children’s Museum of St. Johns … fun event for the kids and parents too!  See June 2nd on the Calendar tab.

Cnote 5/15: Garage Sale CR210 neighborhood … see Calendar for this Sat. 5/19.

Cnote 5/15:  OLGC is having their famous Fish & Shrimp Fry - lunch and dinner available … see Calendar 5/18 for details.

Cnote 5-13:

  • Memorial Day … just posted the first Concert in the Plaza in St. Augustine series … May 28 St. Augustine Jazz Society presents
    The Bill Doyle Quintet; Kenny Mackenzie & Friends.  These concerts are generally held on Thursdays … see times in the calendar tab.
  • July Fireworks at WGV … no official word yet but keep all the activities in mind as you plan your holiday fun here at WGV

Cnote 5/12:  Just made lots of updates to next weekend’s events.  There will be events over the weekend at the Fountain of Youth, including a “British Invasion Concert” (yes, includes music of the Beatles!). 

Cnote 5/10:

  • Weekly email blast is out
  • Biz Cards tab has been updated!  Welcome to our new business listing — local neighbor’s business — will give $20 off next service when mentioning this website:  Roto Rooter – for all your plumbing needs.  Contact info on the Biz Cards tab — click on it and scroll down.
  • Happy Mother’s Day – have a wonderful day whether you’re going out in WGV to brunch or lunch or just staying near the pool relaxing and enjoying a good book!  You deserve a nice day whatever you do!

Cnote: 5/9:  Don’t forget shredding event at Glenmoor tomorrow … see Calendar for 5/10

Cnote 5/6:

  • The free boxes I noted in my email blast from one neighbor have gone to another neighbor.  Thanks to both. 

Cnote 5/3:

  • Email blast going out soon … be sure to be on my email blast because there are news bits that are on there that don’t fit into the calendar (sign up —
  • Lots of new, fun, FREE events coming up … see the “new” items posted on the calendar tab

Cnote 5/1:  For sale 2 tickets to the Players Championship at Sawgrass for just $80 that’s for two tickets, regularly $55 each) – see the For Sale tab.  First come, first served!   SOLD!

Cnote: 4/26:  Email blast out … if you did not receive it please check your spam box or email me and I’ll send to you.  Too many things to add here … pls see the email blast!  :-)

Cnote 4/24:

  • Renaissance Brunch – Mother’s Day is now posted on the calendar!  May 13th is Mother’s Day
  • More FOR SALE items came in … check it out

Cnote 4/19:

  • Email blast is out — just some tidbits here … be sure to go to the Calendar tab for all the latest events
  • A neighbor recommended saving time when needing blood work and lab test right here at the Flagler After Hours Care clinic next to Publix.  See the new tab:  Neighbor Recommendations – for the hours and phone #.
  • · The Arctic 3D movie officially opens on Friday, April 20. A special “Dinner and a Movie” event will be held that evening. The event will feature a special guest speaker, dinner from Fairways Café and priority seating for the movie. A fun festival for the kids on april 21st.  See details on the Calendar tab.
  • U P D A T E to 5/6 post – Induction Forum/Panel discussion4:30-6pmthe night before the Induction!  SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR WORLDGOLFVILLAGE RESIDENTS!  General admission tickets are $25 but WGV residents may purchase at a rate of $12.50 per person (50% off).  See special code to use when checking out for the rate!
  • Lots of new items for sale … ladies golf clubs, lawn mower, Lenox bunnies,

Spring Break Package – Offer expires4/30/12  A Twosome of Golf at the Slammer & Squire or King & Bear  Two Complimentary Ticket to the Hall of Fame /IMAXTickets  $219++   Call (904) 940-6088 to book your tee times or visit our website for more information . Offer expires4/30/12.

Cnote 4/15:

  • U P D A T E to 5/6 post – Induction Forum/Panel discussion 4:30-6pm the night before the Induction!  SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR WORLD GOLF VILLAGE RESIDENTS!  General admission tickets are $25 but WGV residents may purchase at a rate of $12.50 per person (50% off).  See special code to use when checking out for the rate!
  • New FOR SALE item  — ladies golf club set — see FOR SALE tab.
  • See new tab: Neighbor Recommendation — this week, get your lab work done locally, conveniently in the Public Shopping Center/Murabella. Hours/days are listed.

Cnote 4/14: 

  • PGA Tour Stop in WGV near Caddyshack … is having one of their big sales going on … you can call for info or stop in to see what they have 940-0418 — Sat / Sun 4/14-15
  • New FOR SALE posting today – tan microfiber couch – see for Sale Tab

Cnote 4/12: 

  • Music by the Sea Concert Series announced!
  • Email blast was sent out – didn’t receive it? email me, 

Cnote 4/11:

  • New items for sale: Frigidaire dishwasher, Jenn-Air cooktop, Bunk Beds … see the FOR SALE tab for details on this new item for sale
  • Neighborhood Yard Sale-WGV   This Saturday is the annual WGV yard sale — K&B, The Neighborhoods, Cascades and also Sevil — get out early — the earlybird gets first-sees of items for sale — and afterwards visit the Ancient City art in the garden with local neighbor artist featured (see the Calendar for more details)

Cnote 4/9:  See the FOR SALE tab … price reduction on Bose home theatre system and villa Cortina Dresser w/mirror

Cnote: 4/5

  • Email blast is out
  • New updates are available on the Calendar page
  • Easter brunch and services noted in the calendar
  • Lots of nice jewelry items posted in the For Sale page
  • DON’T FORGET NEXT WEEK!  WGV & Cascades neighborhoods annual yard sale – Saturday, 4/14   Get out early … lots of ground to cover in just a 1/2 day!

Cnote 3/25:

  • Interstate hauler … need to move that motorcycle, golf cart, lawn mower, etc. … go to the N2N business tab for contact info.
  • St. Ambrose Fair … in Elkton today 12 noon – 4pm … see Calendar for website info  and details.

Cnote 3/24: 

  • Student Exchange Program … looking for families to host students in July … please join other families in the neighborhood hosting.  Click on the “Schoon News” tab above for details and contact information.
  • Ceramics in the Garden – new event in April in St Augustine — something nice to do after the neighborhood yard sale
  • New post re Betty Griffin House – April 25 … see Calendar for details

Cnote 3/21: So many

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