9/11 In Memory of …

Last Mortal Moments
from the heart and soul of Carol Carnicelli, 9/11/01

Peaceful thoughts as you grieve and
     in loving memory of all those
     who perished in the attacks on 9/11/01

We know you must be thinking
of your lost loved ones with great anguish
And wondering what their last mortal
moments were like

Fear not and please don’t cry
For their spirits left them long
before there was any pain

There are stories of the people
who jumped from the burning buildings
How frightening a thought for you
but fear not, you only saw the
shelter in which their spirits were occupied
You see God’s Guardian Angels escorted these spirits safely above all the terror to Heaven

There were those heroes who came
charging in to save us from the hell on earth,
a hell none of us here returned from,
but fear not, it was truly a
stairway to Heaven

We see you down there
amongst the debris and all the smoke
but don’t look down, for we’re up here
in a place so high we can truly touch the sky

In all your valiant efforts to find us
don’t be sad if no life is to be found
for your searches give so much peace
to those who mourn for friends, family
and strangers

If you don’t find all those you seek
within the pockets of these buildings,
Fear not, for we are now in God’s loving pocket

We flew on the wings of man and now are
on the wings of angels
We did what we could and we did it bravely
and are proud to see the flag still wave on
our capitol and throughout our great nation and
all the world

We know you want to know
did we suffer, did we hurt in those
last mortal moments
no, it only hurts when we see you looking so sad
but fear not, for we’re up here and
we can see you so clearly

Thank you all good people around the world,
and continue to give of yourself for all of your
life day by day and in peace, kindness and joy

Please keep the prayers coming and
be kind to each other during this short stay
We too will continue to pray, pray that you find
peace within each of your broken hearts to go on until we meet again

If there was only a way to differentiate by sight the
good people from the evil that would be so easy
You see, up here we’re all free spirits, there is no color, no religion, no politics; there is no evil here
Remember, that you too harbor a spirit within, wearing a coat of many colors while on Earth

You must go on and make the world a better place, we’ll be watching and with you always
Don’t feel bad when you catch yourself smiling, we want you to embrace the gift of life
This will bring us great joy

We know you want to find us
and we thank you for that,
but fear not,
for we’re up here.