Buc-ee’s Info from Neighbors

A neighbor shared this from his recent stop at a Buc-ee’s …

BUC-EE’S off I75 South of Macon, GA (Russell Pkwy Ft Valley) opened Nov 18

We stopped by Nov 22, 2020.

120 Pumps with unleaded at….
$153.9 per gal when Pilot was $178.9. So presumably an opening price.
Pumps on two sides of bldg
Parking had few open spots. Had to park in back of bldg.
Didn’t get the number of PKG spots but it’s a LOT with curbside PKG on 3 sides of bldg for the 3 entrances.
Plenty of dog walking areas should you wish to take canine for a trip for jerky (or are low on poop bags).
CLEAN restrooms w/real tile & larger than JAX airport w/enclosed stalls (door entry) and Purell dispensers in ea stall and by sinks as well.
Food & retail areas were CROWDED.. It was as busy (if not busier) than what I remembered from 2003 trip to the Masters’ shop on a Wednesday (except a lot more ceramics & fewer Japanese than Augusta-ha)
You would of thought they were selling Disney Mdse.
Food sampling- Jo An purchased two sandwiches @$5.99 ea. The pulled pork & chopped brisket
Both fresh, hot & tasty with ample portion of meat.
Plus an 8oz chopped turkey salad for $4.18 that rivals Publix. 
They have kiosk ordering for other items and a large bakery & fudge selection besides the Beef Jerky offerings.
The entry/exit was easier than we first thought. Hope IGP fares the same.
Signs for hiring start at $15 per hr up to $26 for supervisory positions.
Quite the experience.
Flash forward when Costco’s & BUC-EE’s are open with HS just down IGP. Yikes.
I’ve heard opening date for IGP location is January.
Not aware yet which red wine goes best with the beef jerky.
Stay tuned.