K&B Fitness Center Activities

Events are for residents of King and Bear, Royal Pines, Turnberry, Saint Andrews, the Residences, Isles of the World, Laterra, Links and Westminster and Greensides

Please check the WGV Social Committee website for all the fun activities at the King & Bear Center.      www.wgvsocial.com 

To RSVP for events if sign up info is not listed by activity, please email Kathy Howell at actdirector@wgvsocial.com.  Kathy Howell, Activities Director

King & Bear newsletter update 1/6/19.  Click here.    ...  from KH, Activities Director, K&B

King & Bear–  Latest activities for neighbors who have access to the King & Bear amenities center … Will post a link to Kathy’s updates as I receive them.