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A really good place to post where things generally sell quickly is if you sign up to be a friend on Facebook with Swip Swap CR210.  They have lots of things for sale and it is easy to post something for sale there.  I sold my car there!  Also new — sign up for the NEXTDOOR blog … lots of for sale postings there.

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New Post 3/8/20  Hekman cabinet 40x22x85   $350 or best offer Contact:








New Post 3/7/20 Library Table or Desk in Excellent condition. $350 CASH. (King & Bear)

Library Table or Desk. Leg Room 25″. Three Drawers. Two Drawers are 13″x 3″ and 1 Drawer is 25″x 3″. Solid Wood with Leather Top Insert. Cost $2000 new. $350 CASH FIRM Call Don at 904-540-1246













Sorry … some of the images are not letting me post them straight up

New Post 3/7/20 Thomasville TV Cabinet (King & Bear)

Thomasville TV Cabinet in Pecan Wood. Includes Three Side Shelves and one filler piece. $500 CASH  Call Don at 904-540-1246
























New Post 3/5/20  For Sale – Wheelchair/scooter lift. It’s less than one month old the store I bought it from will honor my warranty.  I paid $3500 for this I’m asking $2500, negotiable. Contact info: Mary Cohen 516-967-7485.
























New Post 3/3/20  Troy-Bilt 5550 Watt Portable Generator. Like New. $550 CASH. Call Don at 904-540-1246












New Post 2/25/20 Sofa and a Loveseat, $200. for both OBO











New Post 1/22/20  Master portable gas generator 2500 wattage.  Never been used.
$100. Call  904 377 2260   located in Turnberry









New Post 12/11 – Located in the King & Bear, Call 904-540-1246 – next 2 items listed:  

Lazy Boy Queen Sleeper sofa in excellent condition, $200 CASH 







Air Assault Disc Jam Game. Like New. $20 CASH Call 904-540-1246.

Air Assault – Disc Slamming Game Set – Outdoor Frisbee Dunking Game – Perfect for Tailgates, Family Parties, BBQ’s, the Beach, Parks and More!

Air Assault is an action packed travel disc game that can be played anywhere! Tailgates, Family Events, Beach, Camping, Parks and More. Teams of 2 players work together to score 21 points to win.

Set up each collapsible goal about 50′ apart with the disc slot (the goal) facing inward.
Team members then stand opposite to each other at the end of the court. While one player throws the disc, the other can assist the disc into the goal by deflecting it with their hands.
Each type of assist equals a different point value, and a disc thrown directly into the slot with no deflections and no touches to the goal scores an automatic win.
It is a fun and challenging disc throwing game perfect for the whole family.











New post 10/22/10:   FOR SALE   Here is a putter that you MUST have.

Asking $75 OBO.  Don 904-540-1246


New Post 10/8/19 Lenox Fine China Brookdale Pattern

Complete Set for $99

Excellent Condition!

– 8 five piece place settings
– Sugar bowl and creamer
– Vegetable bowl
– Serving platter