City of St. Augustine – ParkNow UPDATE

Effective immediately, the City of St. Augustine is no longer issuing new ParkNow Cards

Here’s what you need to know:

Current ParkNow cards with funds will still work in the meters/kiosks and at the parking garage and should be used until balances are depleted.

Residents can transfer existing funds from the ParkNow Card to a virtual wallet on the ParkStAug mobile app. The card must be surrendered to the Parking Division, so this must be done in person at 50 Bridge Street.

When parking in a surface lot or parking space, residents will enter the registered license plate number at the parking kiosk to receive the resident discount.

Beginning in 2024, when parking at the parking garage, the electronic license plate reader will recognize the registered plate number and automatically apply the St. Johns County Resident discount rate upon entry to the garage. Until then, existing ParkNow cards should be used.

Register for your St. Johns County Resident discount online at

The ParkStAug mobile app is available from the Apple and Google Play stores for additional mobile parking pay options.

To find available parking, visit

A good place to start, click here.  Or click here for more info on their FB page where it mentions free handicap parking and the discounted rate.  The St. Johns County resident discount remains the same. It is $0.50 per hour in City-metered parking areas and $3.00 per entry at the parking garage.  A big savings on parking.

City of St. Augustine Govt / click here for their FB Page.

Click here for the St. Augustine Rider (STAR) – a free bus service.