World Golf Village Neighborhood Concierge 7/8/24

Hi NeighborsTo get to all the activities you’ve got to click on the CALENDAR tab.  Simply click here!  Note –updates are continually being made … check back during the week.  You may need to REFRESH your Calendar page … I know I do. (If you’re not already receiving my weekly email – sign up for weekly email notices at: and check your spam box if you don’t see it.)

This page is just to let you know the weekly email blast has been sent out and the Calendar updated.   You need to go to the Calendar tab for the activities.

CNote: 7/8/24   Email is out!    Check back for updates on the Calendar.  Email is weekly.  (Click here for recent emails)   

Click on the page “Recent Emails” to see current and past emails.    Click here for links to recent emails!     Calendar is updated throughout the week so check back.    (go to the Calendar section here and see details)

Be sure to click on the Calendar tab. (email me if you are not on the list for email blasts and want to be added:    

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